S u m o T i . m e


February 17, 2017

Hello again. Lots has changed since the last post, let's jump right into it.

  • Set up a redis server to allow for accounts and unlockables
  • Added user registration, don't worry only salted hashes of the passwords are saved
  • Added skins to act as unlockables

One major issue was(read still) the ammount of bandwidth used. I've reduced that amount significantly but there's still plenty of room to go.

On the client side the background is now pre rendered and I'm using RequestFrameAnimation so the site should perform better and play nice while in the background

A ton of small and large bugs have been fixed. I think I've sanitized most forms of user input now. This post won't cover most changes. I probably should have written this update as I updated instead of two days later...

In terms of balance the game is really coming together. I'd like the thank all the players who've given me feedback and helped me balance the game, also a shout out to Selkies, Bucys, and Adversarius. Here are some of the notable changes:

  • Size now grows at Log2
  • Acceleration is capped for the near future
  • Special now reflects 40% of mass back at the target if the target doesn't have their special active as well
  • More points are kept on death and more points are stolen from killed players

Overall I feel that this has curbed the snowball effect a decent amount making the game much more fun!

In terms of traffic, the game is no longer at the top of iogames.space so that's resulted in fewer new visitors. Though now that the game is more stable it seems to retain more players so it hasn't been too bad. For now I think my focus will stay on improving core aspects of the game and performance and once those are figured out, I can look to increase traffic if it doesn't sort itself out. Alse a player has created a subreddit so I'll be adding a link to that.

As always you can send me feedback by following the link on the main page!



First Post

February 14, 2017

Hey guys, first of all I'm blown away by the enthuiasm about the game over the last day. Thank you for all the kind messages! The amount of traffic has been an exciting challenge. Due to fact that I tend to break a lot of things when I fix others, I'll try to keep the patches to a few times a day max so that I don't have to kick you all off. Anyways, I think I'll start logging what changes I make on this page for those of you that are interested.

Some of the challenges over the last 24 hours:

  • Bandwitdh usage can balloon quickly, especially if you are sending all data instead of just the essentials
  • JSON is not a great format to be sending back and forth 20+ times per second
  • I shouldn't re-dump the world state for every client on every update
  • XSS vulnerabilities are a thing, I now value input sanitization much more
  • I should set up servers in different locales to decrease ping since apparently not everyone on on the internet is Canadian
  • I should limit message string size so that I don't crash when I send out a user's insightful message consisting of thousands of copies of the letter 'n'

Some game tweaks:

  • Dying currently sets you back to 0. This might be a tad too harsh seeing as that the median score is typically 0. I'm going to test a few different levels of point retention of death so that players don't have to restart
  • Added a couple test skins. These can be accessed by setting your name to either 'parrot' or 'penguin'

Some performance tweaks:

  • No longer draw players that are off screen
  • On the server side changed the way data is sent out, still changing it to ensure smooth play at higher player counts

Some other changes:

  • Set up character escaping so that the chat doesn't turn into a sea of '%20's
  • Learned all about templates so that I can have other pages on this site

That was most of my morning other than class. I'm still unsure how best to communicate with you, the players, so I'll be trying a few different avenues.

As long as people are interested, I'm keen to improve the game's performance, add new features, and balance existing ones. If you encounter any bugs feel to send me them along with a screenshot/description.